I cannot understand this. The Boston Red Sox have just officially begun their defense of their World Series title.  Jon Lester‘s contract talks have stalled. Shave Victorino is out injured. Grady Sizemore made not just the team but the starting lineup. The games now count. So, what was the big headline from both Boston.com and Red Sox.com? David Ortiz took “selfies” with the President.

While I do not begrudge anyone — including the players — from enjoying his/her personal moments, this is not front-page worthy. It is no more front-page worthy than which model Justin Verlander dates. Who cares? Some must because the media are full of these stories.

What IS front-page worthy is how the games have gone so far. The Red Sox lost their opener even though Lester pitched as brilliantly as we could expect: two runs in seven innings. Ortiz and Napoli just blasted his first of 30+ home runs for each. These are the stories that deserve the front page.

Perhaps in the next few days, we will get an update about Victorino’s hamstring or Lester’s contract. Maybe the Red Sox will win four straight to finish the first week 4-1 or Clay Buchholz will throw a no-hitter. These stories would deserve the big headlines as real Red Sox news. Until then, I guess I can look forward to stories about what laundry detergent the locker room attendants use on the players’ uniforms.

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